Wedding Disco Aerial Photography Package

Wedding Disco Aerial Photography Package

We have put together the ultimate bespoke #Aerial #Photography & #Disco #Wedding #Package.

Aerial photography or film of your wedding gives a new and exciting perspective to your wedding photo album, we can deliver beautiful intimate shots of the bride & groom and to showcase the wedding venue at its best.

Working Together

We can work alongside your ground based photographer and liaise directly with them to come up with a working plan of the day to maximize our time at the venue and to plan the best shots possible.

The possibilities that aerial photography brings will blow the traditional wedding album out of the water.

Nothing compares to the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage. we can capture your entire venue, all your happy guests and maybe even a breath taking sunset, Drones reveal landscapes, spectacular views and give you a much more powerful sense of scale.

We are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and have 5 million as standard for our liability insurance giving you complete peace of mind. We are an experienced team and have the ability to work on our own initiative to capture the best possible images of your special day for you & your family to treasure.

Our Fleet

We have in our fleet the latest in High end UAV technology and stunning UHD 4K cameras to provide our clients with the stunning aerial images that they have grown to expect from us, the aerial cameras we use are fairly quiet compared to some.

We pride ourselves on achieving the best possible images for our clients and believe that we offer exceptional levels of customer services as we believe that this will grow our business stronger and develop long lasting working relationships with our clients.

Wedding Reception

We then can move onto entertaining you and your guests in the afternoon/evening. With 35 years experience in Wedding Disco entertainment we guarantee a fun packed night.

Our wedding mobile disco uses our vast experience of wedding entertainment to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Your requirements will be discussed with you prior to your big day, this ensures that every aspect of your evenings entertainment is perfect.

As we guide you through the evening starting with your first dance, we welcome a second dance, so that your close family can enjoy the atmosphere too, followed by music that everyone will enjoy.

Your DJ’s always arrive on time, smartly dressed and ready to entertain you and your guests.

We are a family run business which means that you will always be in contact with us from booking right through to your last dance.

We love to take requests and have a
massive 35,000 to choose from – Karaoke too if needed.

Call 07729 224 597

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Snow Machine Hire

Snow Machine Hire

Add the WOW factor to your party

Snow machines are primarily used at school discos, children’s parties and over the Christmas period, snow machines are a very popular and spectacular effect. Depending on which machine you hire, the size and amount of ‘snow flakes’ can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The snow jets out up to about 10 meters and falls just like snow to the floor or on top of whoever is in range, leaving a coating of the white fluffy stuff.

Technically these machines are actually specialized foam machines which are designed to defuse a jet of water-based, fast drying foam to create a very exciting snowfall or blizzard-like effect that both kids and adults love.

Although this sounds very messy, it leaves no mess at all. After just a few minutes all the ‘snow’ evaporates, leaving nothing to clear up. Perfect!

Snow machines are one of our most popular special effects. They are very cost effective & produce an amazing effect.

  • Real looking snow
  • 6-10 meter jet of snow
  • Ideal for kids 6+ and adults
  • Snow evaporates quickly
  • Great value for money
  • No Mess

Check out our kid’s parties

Snow Machine Hire

Is it real snow?


This type of snow machine produces a fast drying foam substance from a water-based solution.

Will it make the floor slippery?

It can.

Although most of the snow will fall onto the people within the snowfall area, some floor surfaces may still become slippery while others may not become slippery at all. The fluid we use is a special solution designed to evaporate very quickly, thus helping to minimize the risk of slipping.

During use, we closely monitor the conditions and limit use where necessary.

Is it messy?


All the snow evaporates in just a few minutes.

Are they noisy?


These snow machines sound similar to a hoover, but under disco conditions, this is not an issue. Alternative types of snow machine are available where the event requires a quiet snowfall.


Wedding Aerial Photography

wedding-drone-photographyWedding Aerial Photography

Hiring a wedding aerial photographer or videographer for your wedding is rising in popularity. That’s no surprise as drones can capture breathtaking shots of your most anticipated day. We can supply a drone and pilot to capture your day. However, it’s not as straight-forward as just checking availability. Here’s a quick guide to hiring drones to help you decide whether to include a drone in your wedding package. If you have any further questions that are not covered here please get in contact.

Safety First

Drones are essentially mini helicopters and your safety on your wedding day is our number one priority. In order to fly safely, The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has set out rules and regulations that we must adhere to. These include gaining a PFAW (Permission to Fly for Aerial Work) license and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) insurance. On top of that, we have to carry out a pre-flight safety check. And carry a lot of safety equipment for every eventuality.

Drone Friendly Venue?

Part of the pre-flight safety check will include checking the location of your wedding venue. Being next door to an airbase, for example, would make flying a drone impossible. Inner cities are not great locations either as extra permissions to fly will be required. Hopefully, your wedding venue will be located in a non-sensitive location, which means you can expect plenty of stunning shots in 4k, of your wedding. All being well we can fly anywhere as long as we stay within eyesight and under 400ft.

The Weather

Like all wedding photography, Drone wedding photography is susceptible to the Great British weather. Heavy rain would ground your drone pretty quickly. However, on the bright side; wind is not as much of a problem as you may first think unless it’s over 25 mph. Cold weather is also not a big issue, in actual fact, cold air gives your drone more lift!

Amazing Aerial Perspective

Now you are well informed about the safety and legal bit. But do not forget why couples hire a wedding drone photographer in the first place, stunning dynamic aerial photos and video shot in amazing 4K, that is professional video, at cinema quality will make your wedding album or wedding video stand out above the rest. The contrast between the epic grandeur of these shots compared with the more intimate moments is what makes your wedding so spectacular.

Do you have any tips for couples who are hiring a drone for their wedding?

The key thing when planning your drone wedding photography is to allow time to capture the event and carefully choose the moments when it flies. An ideal moment to capture would be between the ceremony and the reception whilst the guests are socializing. A classic drone wedding shot is to position all the guests together with the bride and groom in the center whilst the drone ascends into the sky – everyone will appear in the frame and get smaller and smaller as the drone flies away.

Wedding Aerial Photography Costs

We have kept our pricing structure very simple. Your drone deposit and the balance will be incorporated into your full wedding package, but in a nutshell, the cost for hiring a drone aerial photographer is around £450.

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Wedding aerial photography


Children’s UV Disco Parties

Children’s UV Disco Parties

With children’s UV Disco Parties Why not wear brightly colored clothes and watch them glow under the UV lighting.

This is the ultimate kid’s disco package that everyone will love including the adults.

Our Children’s UV Disco Parties include entertainment with competitions, party dances, certificate giveaways, smoke machine, with state of the art sound system & LED intelligent lighting.

Paint UV paint in disco party patterns on your face and hands or just plain dots with different colors, anywhere you imagine, the possibilities are endless.

Add any combinations from  Disco, Karaoke, UV, Games, the choice is yours.

What is a disco lol

UV Disco Party Cloverfields Church Thetford Mindys Roadshow
  1. If there’s one thing that comes to mind when we hear the words “Children’s UV Disco Party“, it’s usually this! …
  2. Find glow sticks. …
  3. Use fluorescent pens and paper. …
  4. The Disco Has glowing lights/LEDs. …
  5. Buy cheap, brightly-colored accessories. …
  6. Source body paint. …
  7. Get a great Disco (That’s Us :)). …
  8. Don’t forget food and refreshments, oh! and the children…..

Some of our other services:

Mobile Disco

Wedding Mobile disco

Christmas disco


Childrens UV Disco Parties

  • Foods

One of the best black light party ideas is to make all your traditional party snacks and baking glow under the lights. Whether its cake, cookies or candies, there are many white or neon colored icings that can be added to any baking snacks giving them an impressive glow and making them a sure hit as they glow under the lights. Another glow sensation is bananas. In or out of the peel, whole or sliced, bananas glow vibrant blue and are a great black light party alternative if you are searching for healthier choices.

  • Posters

Other great black light party ideas for your preteen are black light posters as gifts or activities. These posters and the required fluorescent markers can be sourced at most pound or party supply shops. Have them prepared as part of the decorations or make them an exciting activity for the kids to do under the black light.

  • Walls and Clothing

Remember that the UV black light will reflect from anything white or fluorescent. Whether that is your clothing or the decorations, you can experiment with any of these colors. Take white toothpaste, for example, and use it to accent or outline your space or make words and shapes that will glow brilliantly. Use fluorescent marking spray paint, the same stuff you see construction crews using, to paint white sheets or even clothing. You can cut pattern and shape templates from thin cardboard, spray-paint the sheets and hang them over the walls for a wild effect.


Planning A Small Intimate Wedding

Planning a small intimate wedding with all the organisation is a lot of work..

You can face with what can seem like  never ending questions and challenges you will have to find the solution too. When it comes to your big day, we think you will agree that size plays a big part. Whilst large, extravagant celebrations mean you do not have to worry about leaving friends and family out, smaller weddings are perfect for creating a more intimate day with those closest and dearest to you. Just because there are less people does not mean the atmosphere will be any less vibrant. Planned well, an intimate wedding party of 70 guests or less can be just as much fun as a party of 300+! This is often more meaningful! So let us take a closer look at how we can successfully put together a small, intimate wedding.


The benefits of small weddings

From offering your closest friends and family an extraordinary wedding experience to taking some of the typical pressures away during the planning, intimate weddings have a plethora of benefits that make them irresistible.


Prioritising costs

For many of us, cost is the first thing we consider when organising the big day. It guides the rest of the planning and has a significant influence over how the day pans out.

Opting for a wedding party of 70 guests or below will free up a lot of your budget and allow you to prioritise what really matters to you. After all, this is your big day!

From your choice of venue and accommodation arrangements to the wedding breakfast and evening entertainment, smaller weddings give your more freedom to design the day you have always dreamed.


Time well spent

Fewer guests means more time for you and your other half to ‘make the rounds’, which means you can spend more time with each person who has attended your wedding.

You will be able to dedicate time to visiting each table during the wedding breakfast and dance with each guest on the evening. This not only means your time is better spent, and makes for a much more enjoyable and special day for your loved ones.

With less guests to worry about, you are far more likely to find accommodation for everyone under one roof instead of people leaving early because they cannot drink as they have to travel to accommodation away from the wedding venue.


A meaningful venue

For many happy couples, ‘the perfect venue’ has been at the forefront of your mind since the proposal. It is one of the most important aspects of any wedding day, and can set the scene and atmosphere for the entire day.

With a smaller and more intimate guest list, you can enjoy much more flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect space. Many venues help you adapt the venue to meet your needs and create the vibe you are looking for. Rooms, for example can be resized to cater to the size of your party and the feel you want to achieve on your big day.


Top tips for planning intimate weddings

Just because there are less guests to cater too, does not mean planning an intimate wedding is any easier than something more extravagant. Timings and wedding suppliers all have to be coordinated just the same big or small.


Pay attention to the little things

From flowers and transportation to wedding favours and name cards, with less guests to worry about you can spend more time on the little things. The things that are going to make your wedding one to remember. The extra touches that are going to make your wedding special for everyone involved.


Focus on entertainment

With larger parties, finding the right entertainment that everyone will enjoy is difficult. So often, couples opt for mainstream options to avoid going wrong.

However, smaller guest lists mean you (should) know the likes and dislikes of everyone invited. This means you can focus on finding entertainment your guests will love.

With extra budget, you could even opt for a handful of performers or musicians to transform your day into something truly memorable! Here at Mindy’s Roadshow we have decades of experience to keep your guests entertained. We take requests and work seamlessly with other entertainers to achieve a great party atmosphere.


Your wedding is intimate – keep it that way

Small intimate weddings are just that – intimate. They are magical, they are special, and more than anything, they are romantic. Your guests will love this too, less stress means more sniles all round.

Try keeping it as personal as possible by keeping everyone as close to you and each other as possible. From seating arrangements during the ceremony to breakfast the next day, this will keep everyone involved throughout for a perfectly magical experience you deserve.

Make it an event

Use the small number of guests to your advantage and stretch out your big day over a few days. This is perfect if you can find a stunning and extravagant venue that can cater to your needs from the ceremony right through to the rooms to stay in overnight!

Ask for advice

Planning a wedding – big or small – can be a scary task to take on. So do not be afraid of asking for help from the resources around you. Even the most intimate of events needs careful planning before and throughout to guarantee a seamless day from start to finish.

DJ Wedding Playlist

Christmas Disco

christmas disco - thomas paine hotel - xmas disco party - mindys roadshow
christmas party -disco-thomas-paine-hotel-mindys-roadshow

Christmas Disco

Our Christmas Disco professional party djs will play all the festive favorites. This ensures your party has that essential Christmas flavour. Similarly this can be left  to one side and style the party to suit your music choice. For instance Dance and Party tunes, or music to make it a theme Disco. As a result our djs play the current charts or a mix of everything with a Christmas feel. We can mix the latest chart music with the greatest floor filling party classics from the past while retaining the Chrismas spirit.

Furthermore we have provided Mobile discos for Christmas parties Since 1988.  These include formal Dinner dances, hotel functions, kids parties and office Christmas party complete with tree, decorations, and Father Christmas.

Book a Reliable Disco

Unfortunately at Christmas we get many last minute calls from people who have booked a no show mobile disco and the DJ has let them down at the last minute. This happens because at Christmas demand for DJs is very high, even the unprofessional ones. Some Mobile Discos don’t turn up because the DJ has been offered better money elsewhere in spite of this, we will treat your Christmas party as a top priority, and Mindy’s Roadshow is 100% reliable.

Organising a office Christmas party can be very stressful. Hiring a reliable Mobile Disco with a experienced party DJ who can deliver what’s promised will be one less thing to worry about. We can advise clients advice on all aspects of organising a party and we are committed to make your Christmas party the fantastic success it should be.

Christmas Disco

Please call 07729 224 597 or email or Contact Us for an informal discussion as to your own individual requirements.

mobile disco hire
mobile disco hire Thomas-Paine-Christmas-Menu
mobile disco hire Thomas-Paine-Christmas-Menu

Favourite Christmas Songs

Chris De Burgh – A Spaceman Came Travelling.
David Essex – A Winter’s Tale.
Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas.
Elvis – Blue Christmas.
Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).
Daniel O’Donnell – Christmas Long Ago.
Nat King Cole – Christmas Song.
Gloria Estefan – Christmas Through Your Eyes.
Jackson 5 – Christmas Won’t Be The Same.
Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping.
Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas.
Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas.
Cyndi Lauper – Early Christmas Morning.

Favourite Christmas Songs

3t – Endless Christmas.
Pogues & Kirsty Mac Coll – Fairytale Of New York.
Jackson 5 – Frosty The Snowman.
Smokie Robinson & The Miracles – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
Andy Williams – Happy Holiday.
John & Yoko – Happy Xmas (War Is Over).
Abba – Happy New Year.
Bob B Soxx – Here Comes Santa Claus.
Greg Lake – I Believe In Father Christmas.
Luther Vandross – Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas.
Roy Wood & Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.
Mike Oldfield – In Dulci Jubilo.
Love Unlimited – It May Be Winter Outside.
Bert Linch – In The Bleak Mid Winter.
Bobby Helms – Jingle Bell Rock.
Smokie Robinson & The Miracles – Jingle Bells.
Wham – Last Christmas.
Frank Sinatra – Let It Snow.

Favourite Christmas Songs

Michael Jackson – Little Christmas Tree.

Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 – Little Drummer Boy.
Beach Boys – Little St Nick.
Adam Faith – Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop).
Mud – Lonely This Christmas.
Boney M – Mary’s Boy Child.
Bruce Springsteen – Merry Christmas Baby.
Carpenters – Merry Christmas Darling.
Shakin’ Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone.
Slade – Merry Xmas Everybody.
Cliff Richard – Mistletoe & Wine.
Diana Ross & The Supremes – My Christmas Tree.
Flying Pickets – Only You.
Bing Crosby & David Bowie – Peace On Earth.
Roy Orbison – Pretty Paper.

Favourite Christmas Songs

Brenda Lee – Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.
Crystals – Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer.
Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby.
Crystals – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.
Weather Girls – Sing Merry Christmas.
Ronettes – Sleigh Ride.
Stevie Wonder – Someday At Christmas.
Elton John – Step Into Christmas.
Jona Lewie – Stop The Cavalry.
Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas.
Spinners – Twelve Days Of Christmas.
Aled Jones – Walking In The Air.
Stevie Wonder – What Christmas Means To Me.

Favourite Christmas Songs

Faith Hill – Where Are You Christmas? (3:56).
Bing Crosby – White Christmas.
Darlene Love – Winter Wonderland.
Wombles – Wombling Merry Christmas.
Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas Time.

Christmas Disco Christmas Disco Christmas Disco Christmas Disco Christmas Disco

Wedding Disco College Farm

wedding mobile disco

Wedding Disco College Farm

Wedding Disco college Farm is a fantastic place to have a wedding.

We use our vast experience of wedding entertainment to create the

perfect party atmosphere for you and your guests.

Your requirements will be discussed with you prior to your big day, this ensures that
every aspect of you evenings entertainment is perfect.

As we guide you through the evening starting with your first dance, we welcome a
second dance, so that your close family can enjoy the atmosphere too., followed by
music that everyone will enjoy.

Your DJ’s always arrive on time, smartly dressed and ready to entertain you and your

We are a family run business which means that you will always be in contact with us
from booking right through to your last dance. We love to take requests and have a
massive 35,000 to choose from – Karaoke too if needed.

To help you plan your evening we have produced the following wedding party tips.
Tips for a perfect wedding party……

Wedding Disco College Farm

The first dance will signal the start of the evening to your guests. It is
traditional to let the bride and groom take to the dance floor first. If you decide
to have your first dance promptly your guests can then join in from the start of the

Creating a music playlist can be rewarding because you will get to hear all of
your favorite songs.

If you create a playlist remember to include something for everyone. Mindy’s Roadshow
will keep the party flowing by mixing your requests with popular party favorites.

Your guests have come to spend the evening with you, so when you dance they will
follow, if you are outside taking a break your guests are also likely to follow.

If there are any specific songs that you would like to hear just ask Mindy’s
Roadshow, we use a digital music system which means that we can find your requests
and play them quickly.

At the end of a long wedding day it is better to have your party go out with a
‘bang’ than than let it fizzle out. We can arrange a wedding arch to be formed at the
end of the party or circle where all guests join hands and the bride and groom dance
in the center.

Wedding Disco College Farm

We recommend that dancing for an all day wedding should finish at around 12pm. This
will give you plenty of time to say farewell to your guests who have travelled a long
way to see you, during this time we can play relaxing background music.

When holding a wedding party on a Weekday or Sunday evenings some of your guests may have been working or have work the following day, these guests may not want to stay out to late. For this we recommend getting the evening started a little earlier.

When using our booking form you can make a time plan for your party, this will
help the DJ make the evenings entertainment more coordinated.

Here are some additional services we provide:

Use of Radio Microphones for speeches
Early set up time
Background Music during the Wedding Breakfast
Music for Fireworks
Specialist children’s hour of Party Dances at the beginning of the night
liaise with Bands and other additional Entertainers

Please call 07729 224 597 or email for an informal discussion as to your own individual requirements.

Wedding Fun

[su_youtube url=”” width=”260″ height=”200″]

Karaoke Wedding Fun

[su_youtube url=””]

Wedding disco college farm, Wedding disco college farm, Wedding disco college farm, Wedding disco college farm, Wedding disco college farm, Wedding disco college farm

Disco Gallery

Disco Gallery

All of our pictures & videos in our mobile disco gallery, are available to our customers for free. There are Wedding Shots & some from our mobile disco parties

mobile disco hire wedding disco kids karaoke

Bespoke Disco Entertainment Service