Disco is Dead

Disco is Dead

The 1970s were full of happy, upbeat music. Danced cause it made you dance.

Music now is sad, dark, and undanceable.

I’m not much of a dancer, but at least I try. I want to dance like it’s 1976. Or at least, 2002 when I went to Ibiza.

So, what is more disturbing:

1. I have this shirt
2. I have white pants
3. I have white shoes (Griswalds!!!)
4. I have a disco ball
5. I have a fro
6. I have more arm hair than a gorilla
7. I didn’t shoot this in HDR.

This shot was partially inspired by a young, brilliant photographer on here called Chrissie White who at just 14 creates some of the most magnificent portraits using a simple, white wall. Certainly worth checking out.

Posted by Extra Medium on 2008-04-09 18:12:19

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