Disco J hates major appliance problems

Disco J hates major appliance problems

These are the most frustrating things in life, in order:

1.unexpected health problems
2.unexpected car problems
3.unexpected major appliance problems
4.gas prices
5.decaffeinated coffee
6.really tall people

Sunday I throw a load of laundry in, come home an hour later to put it in the dryer, and the washer is full of water. Got this washer Dec 2006, used off Craigslist. probably… 9 years old. After hours of diagnosis, I came to the technical conclusion that it’s “broke”. With 6 days to go until I head out to Germany for 2+ weeks, I didn’t have time to experiment with a new water pump, a new transmission, etc, etc. Just made more sense to suck it up, go to Sears and get a new one.

Being independently wealthy, I had $500 sitting around the house, so this wasn’t a problem at all. ( /sarcasm)

Disco J was not happy with our existing washer, and after dragging it to the curb, wanted to beat it in a fit of rage. Instead, he kicked it, and then went in to make tacos.

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