Disco J Holiday Bokeh

Disco J Holiday Bokeh

So to try to keep a positive, holiday spirit, I finally went out and resorted to creating my own holiday bokeh, using a horrible silhouette of my Disco J alter-ego. It ended up that I put it on my lens the wrong way, so it’s pointing the opposite direction, but after I flipped it in Photoshop, it just didn’t look the same. Still kind of looks like a bunch of colorful people at a Nazi rally, but nonetheless, this is my attempt… with some other samples below.

ho ho ho hat and ho ho ho beard is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you want to see some REAL trick stuff then CLICK HERE (got to love being a computer engineer)


It amazes me how poorly dressed we are nowadays. California especially but most of the United States as well. 100 years ago all men wore suits, most of the time. Women wore very nice dresses. 50 years ago men still wore suits to work and most social gatherings, women wore more colorful and trendy dresses. Now, for work, play and everything in between, America pretty much just slops on whatever we have, that’s comfortable, baggy and uncoordinated. We get crap from outlet malls, wear sneakers, t-shirt… and these are just the people I work with. You see these photos of our company 40 years ago, and all the engineers are wearing suits to work, because they took pride in their work, their appearance, etc. Now, it’s just wear what covers the essentials, and that’s it.

Not only that, when someone actually does dress nice, they’re ridiculed. It’s almost shameful in a reverse-psychology way to look down on people who dress well. "Do they think they’re better than me?" "Who are they trying to impress?". It’s not about impressing anyone. It’s about taking pride in everything you do, and wanting to represent yourself well.

I’ve been to Europe a handful of times in the past few years and they still understand this principal. And Japan… whoa, they are still like America was 100 years ago. The salarymen wear suits ALL the time, with the exception of Sundays, which they still dress better than 90% of Americans at any time. I think it shows not only pride in themselves, but it carries over into their work, their family life and the overall mentality and spirit of those around them.

So come on America, dress up!

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