Disco Wanda (1978)

Disco Wanda (1978)

Disco Wanda by Shindana, 1978.

The Shindana Toy Co. may have only been in business for fifteen years, but they certainly made a huge impact in the toy industry today. Financially sponsored by several established toy companies of the time (including Mattel!), Shindana was one of the first major Black-owned and operated businesses to mass produce Black/ethnic dolls and toys. Their lines included ethnically correct baby dolls, celebrity dolls (like J.J. Evans from the TV show "Good Times"), and various action heroes/figures. One of their niche lines revolved around Wanda, a beautiful black doll that was initially produced in a nine inch scale. These early Wanda dolls were known as Career Girl dolls because they came dressed with an outfit that reflected a certain career, such as a nurse or flight attendant. Yet they also came with a second outfit that was themed as her play fashion.

In 1978 Shindana produced their last line featuring Wanda. "Disco Wanda" was produced in Barbie scale and given an entirely new and fantastic smiling head mold. "Disco Wanda" came in three different fashion as seen in this ad:


I’m super excited to finally have Wanda in my possession. I first found out about her by complete accident on an ebay search a few years ago. I missed my chance of getting her back then but I kept looking out for her until this beauty finally showed up a few weeks ago. I snatched her up for roughly $16.00. Ebay currently has two Disco Wanda’s listed: one for $89 and the other for $218.

This particular Wanda will definitely be getting a pivotal body just for her 🙂

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