Ready to disco?

Ready to disco?

For Macro Mondays theme “Songs from your teens”

This was hard again. I don’t remember what kind of music I listened in my early teens. So I called my childhood friend and asked her. She told me that I didn’t have a favorite bands like other girls did, I listened all kinds of music.
One thing that she remembered was that when there were disco nights for us “kids” at the school, we were both so excited and planned very carefully what to wear and how to sneak out of the house so that parents wouldn’t see how much make-up we had on, because if they caught us, they made us wash it off. So this image is of the disco music and of how silly we girls probably looked when we went to a disco 🙂

And I don’t usually wear earrings like this, these were bought for a costume party.

Happy MacroMonday!

Posted by heisajo on 2010-12-12 19:15:42

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